Type of Yoghurt Safe & Good Consumed During Diet

Yogurt is an alternative to healthy snacks that do not make fat. But not all types of low-calorie yogurt and sugar-free, there are actually making you fat. It’s important to note if you’re on a weight-loss program or want to keep your weight healthy. The nutritionist at Heinz Nutrition Foundation India, Neelanjana Singh, explains what type of yogurt is safe and which are not good for the diet. Nutrients contained in yogurt depend on the type of milk used in the manufacture of yogurt. The number of calories can vary depending on the fat content in the milk. For example, one cup (200 grams) of yogurt made from buffalo milk contains 234 calories. This is higher than yogurt from cow’s milk which only contains 134 calories. The number of calories can also be different if made from goat’s milk. Before choosing yogurt, always consider the composition and nutritional adequacy rates in the nutrition table in each product packaging. It is recommended that you make your own Yogurt at home with Cuisinart cym-100.

Just because of labeled low fat, sugar, and calories, does not mean you can eat yogurt as much. Keep in mind the number of caloric needs per day and adjust to what you eat. For adults, it is advisable to consume dairy products at least 150 ml per day. But the need can be higher for pregnant women and children who are in its infancy. So notice how many dairy products you have consumed in a day, such as ice cream, cheese, milkshakes, and so forth. The benefits of yogurt will be great if you have not experienced too much processing. Overly processed yogurt (flavor enhancement, texture change, etc.) will lose important elements of health, especially in the formation of good bacteria. Important components such as proteins and minerals will change much if they go through too many stages of preparation. Should buy pure yogurt without flavor that is usually packaged in a bottle or choose homemade yogurt.

For obese people who for 12 weeks have to reduce calories from food and consume yogurt 3 times a day, it decreased the fat content in the abdominal area more than those who do not drink yogurt. In addition to the 61% fat content decreases more, their body also looks firmer, because muscle tissue of the yogurt drinkers is greater than those who do not drink yogurt. Yogurt is considered a substitute for food because with yogurt can help reduce fat in the waist circumference of obese people, it is the result of research conducted by experts and the University of Tennessee, in Knoxville, United States.