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Get to Know HRD And Its Tasks!

The task of an HRD is related to human resources, then a corporate HRD must understand its duties and responsibilities. The following are the duties and responsibilities of HRD, responsible for managing and developing human resources. This includes the planning, implementation, and supervision of human resources and the development of quality human resources. Create an effective and efficient HRD system, for example by making SOP, job description, training, and development system and others. Being fully responsible for the recruitment process of employees, ranging from finding prospective employees, interviewing to selection. Selection, promotion, transfer and demotion of employees as deemed necessary. To be a good HRD is not enough to have good management, especially if you already know the duties of being an HRD because it will make you claimed to have a great responsibility, therefore Aziksa provide a certification facility that you can get a certification Become an HRD and aim to improve your self-actualization of your profession as an HRD. With details, you can read on PHR exam questions.

Conduct coaching activities, training, and activities related to the development of skills, potential, mental, skills and knowledge of employees in accordance with company standards. Responsible for matters relating to employee absenteeism, salary calculations, bonuses, and benefits. Creating employee employment contracts and renewing the term of the employment contract. Take disciplinary action against employees who violate company regulations or policies. For those of you who want to apply as part of corporate HRD then there are some special requirements that you must meet. Only those with an educational background in psychology, economics, and law can fill HRD jobs. In addition, to become an HRD required some special skills such as mastering and able to operate the psychological testing tool, understand the labor law and also the payroll system (payment and payroll).