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Hot Coffee or Cold Coffee? That Is the Question

The war between cold coffee and hot coffee still continues. There is still much debate between where the taste is better and which is healthier. If the taste, of course, this all depends on the taste of each. When talking about which one is healthier, some have said that cold coffee is considered healthier than hot coffee. That is why now many restaurants prefer to offer iced coffee than the hot one on their menu like Burger King Iced Coffee.

Cold-made coffee is claimed to have no higher acid content than hot coffee. The acid content in cold coffee two-thirds lower than regular hot coffee. The reason, hot water used to brew coffee will remove the concentrated acid from his coffee.

The danger is if the hot coffee is enjoyed by people who have a weak stomach. Therefore, they are not recommended to enjoy this kind of coffee. On the contrary, people who have stomach problems tend to be interested in enjoying cold coffee.