This product will allow you to track or manage revenue

The implementation of the hotel software is to facilitate the hotel’s front desk officers in handling all room information, guests and visitors of the hotel hotel software, as well as making routine reports as needed. Time and energy savings can drive guest and visitor services to maximum leverage. Facilitate Hotel Manager / Manager in evaluating the progress of hotel revenues/revenues so as to make the right and quick decision to continue to increase the income in the form of promotion or other services. If you have questions for accommodation before you book, please read the information in the “Policies” and “Facilities” section of the accommodation page on our website.

If you do not find an answer there, please contact Customer Service by phone or email and we will be happy to answer your questions. After you order, you can see the contact info of the accommodation on your online booking confirmation. The program is designed to meet the operations of various hotel businesses, from regular hotels, large hotels, resorts, villas with hourly room sales, per package, per month, per year, per room, or per building. In addition, the room rate system varies for each type of sale by day, or based on a particular travel agent. With the use of this program the hotel management can save about 60% of normal expenses for the provision of paper, printing blanks/forms used in internal hotels that have 3 months archival resistance properties.